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Follow us here to get the most recent updates for Deerfield and Highland Park.  Snow Removal services offered by Koerner Snow Removal.  

  • January 19th Snow Update January 19, 2019PlowBoss

    Good morning,
    The crews have been out for hours now. They are making the first go around for this storm. This time around there will be no hand shoveling done( See contract). The goal is to get all your drives plowed. Later when it finally stops snowing they will plow and shovel to make sure you are all cleaned up. So please be patient. We are getting to you in our reliable and safe way. If you are not a client of ours and would like snow service this weekend,please contact us. Clients who are not  contracted with us will be taken care of on Sunday and Monday at a minimum charge. Thank you for your business and stay safe.

  • NOVEMBER 25TH STORM November 25, 2018PlowBoss

    Dear Clients,

    This storm is expected to be very severe.  It is estimated that the overnight snowfall rates could exceed 2″ per hour with total accumulations of 5-9″ . Please back your cars into your garages or driveways.If the storm proceeds the way the experts predict, it is unlikely that we will have everyone perfectly cleaned out by 7 AM.  It is very likely that Northern Illinois will be snowed under tonight and tomorrow.  We also need to attend to the safety of our trucks and drivers.  But all that said, you know that we are the most reliable snow service, so be patient, sit by the fire, and know that we will get to you!

    Rich and the Koerner Snow Removal Crews

  • Update February 9,2018 February 9, 2018PlowBoss

    Our drivers finished the first round of plowings as of 8 this morning. They took a little safety and food break and then started the second plowing. This time around they are doing the hand shoveling also. A little snow tip for your safety:When you know it is going to snow try to back your cars into the driveway. It will be much easier for you to get out after a big snow. Also know that it is difficult for us to plow if you have cars in the driveway. We can only go up to a certain point then. It is about 12:15 and it looks like it has stopped snowing here in Deerfield. Let’s hope we get a little respite now!!! Thank you all for your business!!

  • SNOW!!! February 8th 7:30 PM February 8, 2018PlowBoss

    Dear Clients,

    We are anticipating quite a snow event within the next few days.  We will start our routes as soon as there is enough snow on the ground. Please remember that if it snows as much as they predict, it may require several plowings. Below is the clause in the contract that explains such a situation. Please be safe and a little patient with this weather.  Our primary goal is your safety and, of course, that of our crews.

    Customer understands that extreme weather conditions will result in multiple, billed plowings. It is also understood that the snow crews may be pulled off the road if the weather proves to be unsafe for them.  Customer understands that when heavy snow accumulation (approx. 8” or more) occurs, a one car-width pathway will be created to allow access in and out of your driveway.  Hand shoveling will be suspended until final cleanup, at which time your driveway will be fully plowed and whatever shoveling, as stated in the contract, will be completed.

    Updates will follow!

  • Update:Feb 5,2018. 10 PM February 5, 2018PlowBoss

    Our crews are out plowing tonight!

  • Update: February 5th February 5, 2018PlowBoss

    Dear Clients,
    It looks like we are having another snow event tonight. As soon as it stops snowing we will be out on the routes. Just a reminder that nature is really in charge of our timing. We make all attempts to get you all plowed out by early morning. There will be another update as the storm continues. If you have refuse pick up tomorrow, please but your bins well to the side of the driveway so they won’t be in the way of the plows.
    Keep warm!
    Rich and the snow crews

  • Update 2/4/2018 February 4, 2018PlowBoss

    Just an update to all our clients. We did go out when it stopped snowing today and as of 4:50 are doing well in getting through our routes. We feel that everybody will be plowed out in time for Super Bowl parties tonight.

  • Update February 4,2018 February 4, 2018PlowBoss

    We are measuring this snow carefully. As of 9 this morning we do not have 2″.
    Be assured that as soon as it hits the mark we will hit our residential routes.
    The guys are out plowing and shoveling our 2″ and under list. Remember that you may be on that list if you choose. We make sure we give you the best and most attentive service on the North Shore!

  • Snow! January15, 2018 January 15, 2018PlowBoss

    Dear Clients,
    Our Chicago weather is holding to its quirky reputation. We waited until the snow hit the 2″ level. As you know, we are very respectful of our contractual obligations to hold to that amount of snow before beginning our plow routes. So we needed to wait until this morning to begin.That said, we have a list that we call the 2 AND UNDER list. If you are on this list we come out and plow no matter what the amount of snow. Please keep warm and safe.
    Koerner Snow Removal Crew

  • December 29,2017 December 29, 2017PlowBoss

    Dear Clients,
    We’ve had some pretty messy weather this week. None of the snows have reached our 2″ plowing trigger. Please remember that we are at your service. Call if you want plowing and we will come out. We also have a special list of people who have requested that we come out each time it snows regardless of the amount. Let us know what you need!
    Keep warm!


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